Social Causes

Our films capture the intangible value that social programs generate. We have a strong desire to promote positive social change and film is our medium for doing this. Intergenerational (Men's Shed/ Curtin University) is an example of where we promoted and celebrated a community research project that connects isolated members of the community.

Disability & Inclusion

We believe people with disability are too often depicted as the condition first and the person second. Through our films, we seek to humanise subjects and break down barriers to inclusion. By celebrating and sharing stories of the individual, organisations can empower groups that have otherwise not had a strong voice. Examples of this work include Stories of Independence and Becoming a Beekeeper.


Local Culture & History

Through sharing authentic local stories, we believe we can assist in the development of modern Australia's identity. Past projects like The Wire: Stories of Morse Code and Connection to Place serve to open up conversations of our past, our present and aspirations for our future.

Sustainable Communities

Sustainability is a broad and interconnected series of ideas that encompasses the social, the environmental and the economic.  As such, when approaching stories in this field, we seek to tie initiatives into the broader story of sustainable communities. Past examples of this are Diversifying the Yarra Yarra and Waterwise Communities.



Workshop brief  - identify specifics of what we are looking to communicate

Research subject matter in preliminary interviews 

Discern the story, focusing on the most meaningful messages & cutting the fat

Create concept  - develop a strategy for how to capture the story through film

On location, work with talent to capture the story through interviews & supporting footage

Take captured footage into the edit suite & construct the edit

Create sound design & music elements that further emotional impact

Enhance edit through colour grading & graphics