Mitchell Withers from Barking Wolf smiles

Mitchell Withers


As the cinematographer and editor, I work with Tom to develop concepts and bring them to life through film. My work is characterised by a desire to capture intimate moments of humanity.  I love the challenge of shooting and creating stories around our subjects as it allows me to explore what motivates others and give voices to those who may typically not be heard.

I have a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University. Ultimately, I would love to combine my love of storytelling with programs that promote positive social change.

Tom Allum from Barking Wolf smiles

Tom Allum

Sound Designer

What I enjoy most about our work is intersecting with different communities, we learn about issues that matter to them and build relationships through the process.

During the concept phase, I oversee the development of projects. On location, I am responsible for conducting interviews and keeping the wheels in motion.  My formal training was in sound design (WAAPA graduate, 2011). I create sound compositions for each of our films, which allows me to add substance and depth to the stories we tell. I am fascinated by how sound can help us to reflect, connect with others, and express the full spectrum of human emotions. Hear some of our sound projects here.



Zel Ischel with headphones on speaking to a group of people

Raise Awareness

Read about how VISIONARIES raised awareness around the experiences of people living with vision impairment.

Tom from Barking Wolf interviewing a young man

Capture Intangible Impacts

See INTERGENERATIONAL for how we explored the importance of intergenerational relationships.

People standing around listening to speeches at an art exhibition opening.

Increase Community Participation

Learn how THE WIRE connected with the Geraldton community through the subject of morse code.

Artist, Dan McCabe stands in front of his car tent looking up at the tall buildings

Mediate a Discussion

Listen to our podcast SUBURBAN ASPIRATIONS to understand how we opened up a balanced discussion on the issue of housing affordability.



1. Concept Development: strategies for how to capture a story that will resonate with audiences.

2. Production: interviews and filming on location.

3. Edit: discern the story.

4. Sound Design: create sound compositions, record narration and mix audio.

5. Distribution: project launch events, online campaigns and media.

Tom from Barking Wolf recording a voice over with Olive Knight
Tom, Mitch and their dog standing in an empty office
Mitchell in a Beekeeper suit holding a camera