The Wire


This project was commissioned by the Wireless Hill Museum

to capture and preserve the stories of former morse code operators before they are lost. 

The film explores the personal stories of four local craftsmen and the relationships between them.

As they come into the final chapter of their lives,

they reflect on what is lost with today's rapid advancements in technology.

The film has been featured in museum and gallery exhibitions across the state as well as

Revelations film festival 2017 and TEDx Perth 2018.

The Wire was produced by Barking Wolf in 2017.
Funded by the City of Melville


The Wire tours to Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

People listening to speeches at an art gallery opening night
Photo of Angelica Mesiti's video work. two people watching

Friday the 10th August, 2018

We were approached by the Geraldton Regional Arts Gallery in 2018 to show the film alongside Angelica Mesiti’s ‘Relay League’, a series of video works interpreting Morse Code through music, choreography, and non-verbal communication.

Tom and Mitchell were at the opening to speak with locals about The Wire. Many attendees opened up, sharing stories of family and friends who were connected to Morse in some way. Here are some of the comments we received.