Made in partnership with VisAbility, this film series features

three stories from individuals living with vision impairment. 


Zel Ischel /// isolation to advocacy

Sinead Bryant /// personality trumps all

Josh Giblett /// challenging expectations through action


The films serve to open up conversations around the unique challenges young people with vision impairment face,

namely developing relationships, finding work and believing in themselves.




Starting the conversation

Launch Event | 26th of July, 2018

The films were launched live in front of an audience of young people with vision impairment and their families. Zel and Sinead, who were featured in the films, sat on stage answering questions from the audience about their experiences growing up with vision impairment.

The following quote comes from a parent who attended the event:

"...thanks and congratulations for the Visionaries Launch last night.  (my daughter) got into the car and said “I feel confident now!”  I was surprised and asked her what she meant.  She said that she loved the films and that they made her feel like she belonged somewhere and wasn’t alone! 

As a parent, I came away feeling very reassured, that even though some found accepting their vision impairment difficult and they in fact didn’t want to acknowledge it at all during the teen years, they turned out alright – confident, accepting  of their vision impairment and valuable awesome adults.”


Visionaries go on radio

Following the launch, Ryan and Sinead from VisAbility appeared on radio to share their personal experiences of living with vision impairment.


Catering for vision impairment through sound design

We approached the production in two parts, creating audio stories before building in the visuals around the spoken word. This was a beautiful challenge as it allowed us to experience the films as the primary audience would. Close your eyes and have a listen.


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